Get to know the nature of child, how to educate them

Get to know the nature of child –¬†children are indeed the dream of every parent ,a child is a gift that has been entrusted by the Almighty to us, but sometimes a lot of parents ignore their obligations and even treat or ignore their children.

It is true that sometimes delinquency from children will irritate parents, but from this it shows that they lack compassion and want to be noticed but many of them do not know about it and instead do the opposite.

It cannot be denied that educating children is not an easy matter. Apart from responsibility and the future all depend on children. Besides because new children learn and know the world. It cannot be denied that educating children is not an easy matter. Apart from responsibility and the future all depend on children. Besides because new children learn and know the world, sometimes they also do not know what the causes and deeds they do. Therefore the role of parents in educating children is very necessary.

Here to educate children is not an easy matter, first you have to Daftar Taruhan Basket recognize the nature of children so that later it will be easier to educate them. Below are the many basic characteristics of children that you need to know as parents.

The kinds of characteristics of children you need to know

According to the psychologist, human nature is unpredictable and tempramental, moreover their children cannot express and control emotions. therefore, as parents we must have more sense of sensitivity because basically it cannot be learned simply by looking.


Energetic, friendly, gives the impression of cheerful under any circumstances, and likes to motivate others. Sanguinis have a tendency to seek attention, love, support, and recognition from those around them.

Sanguinis type children will usually start the conversation, be optimistic, and can easily be friends with anyone. However, they usually have irregular patterns in carrying out activities, emotionally, and are very sensitive to what others think about themselves.


Have a firm attitude, goal oriented, and can manage an action quickly. Koleris children tend to seek loyalty and appreciation from others for their abilities.

Usually Koleris children also like challenges and can easily complete difficult tasks. Their discipline and ability to stay focused on something makes them potentially become good leaders. However, it can also cause them to be workaholic, stubborn, and insensitive to other people’s feelings.


Is a type of personality that has the characteristics of a quiet attitude, thinker, and perfectionist. His perfectionist attitude makes the child able to complete the task systematically and on time, but not infrequently it also makes them pessimistic, critical, and often disappointed if the results are not in accordance with the efforts they have done.

Children with melancholic personality types tend to need sensitivity and support from others. They also usually need space and silence to think of something before they act, write, or talk about what is in their minds.


Children with this personality usually have a disposition that always feels sufficient for what they have, is simple, seeks peace by being more silent, not sociable even though they really like being around many people, and able to balance themselves.

For others, children with plegmatic types seem slower, but this is not because they are not as smart and as slender as other people, but rather because they have good self-control and are aware of their surroundings. They are even able to say the right thing at the right time.

Basically children with this type do not like risks and challenges, they also need time to adjust to a change. Although they tend to avoid problems that can impose themselves, but they can complete the task under pressure. Children of this type are also loyal individuals and always try to respect their families and help people who need help.

Here are some types of personality that each child has on average, in fact there is nothing better than one another. A child can still have attitudes that exist in all types of personality above, only there will be one type of personality that is more dominant in the child.

Various benefits can be obtained by knowing what type of personality is dominant in the child. For example, we can determine how to educate children according to their dominant personality types, build better character education for the child, find the right solution when the child has a problem, explore the potential of the child, and facilitate the process of communication between parents and child.

So it is advisable to recognize the nature of the child before you act further, rather than punishing it, you should guide the child in a gentle and loving way .If parents can understand and accompany their children with parenting in accordance with their dominant personality, then the relationship between parents and children can be more harmonious.

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